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Links of the Week

Posted in Links of the Week by Sam Unsted on June 19, 2011
  • This AV Club article questioning whether cable TV is still delivering higher quality product than network TV in the US is one I disagree with nearly whole-heartedly, but it does at least make some interesting points about the slight increase in the number of really good network shows at the moment (The Good Wife, Community, Parks and Recreation). The point it appears to side-step though is that there are so, so, sooooo many terrible shows on network TV and the overall hit-rate (in quality terms at least) for the cable shows is way better. Also, the central argument surrounding the quality of network comedy is way off. There are a pile of really good comedies on network TV right now, but the absolute best at the minute, FX’s Louie, is a cable show. Anyway, enough debating. Read for yourself and comment away.
  • Staff at The New York Times Magazine have contributed their own selection of their favourite non-fiction books after The Guardian did the same last week. Probably a little too much to read now but I’m trucking on regardless.
  • I just finished Michael Lewis’ The Big Short and I’m planning on indulging in his Moneyball pretty soon. The trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s adaptation of the latter book, about the sabermetric approach to creating a successful baseball team used by the Oakland As. The film looks decent enough, with a strong cast and a great director behind it, though the screenplay has had runs over from Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian, which is never a great sign. I’m interested though.
  • The Atlantic has a copy of the handwritten draft of the song ‘Dance Music’ by The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle. He then goes on to discuss his songwriting process, which proves particularly interesting given that song comes from their absolute best record, The Sunset Tree.
  • The longlist for the Polaris Music Prize in Canada has also been released. I’m pulling for Tim Hecker and his stunning Ravedeath, 1972, the best album of an already stellar career.

DVDs This Week May 5

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on May 6, 2008

Pick of the Week: Skins Series 2 – Slim-ish pickings this week I’m afraid so Skins gets top billing. It’s probably all worth it though for the first episode which features an amazing modern dance routine by Maxxie and Bill Bailey dancing with a dog.

Also Out:
Ashes to Ashes Season 1 – A moderately disappointing follow-up to Life on Mars which is really only worth it to again appreicate the irrepressible brilliance of Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt.
Charlie Wilson’s War – Fumbled political satire with great turns from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Hanks but an embarrassingly bad one from Julia Roberts.
Shrooms – Irish rural teen horror movie. Looks pretty awful.
Bonnie and Clyde – A 40th Anniversary edition of the utterly-classic birth of New Hollywood.

Region 1:
The Orphanage – Solid and effective ghost story if somewhat overrated in the scare department.
Youth Without Youth – Francis Ford Copolla’s indifferently received, ambitious work.

Invasion of the Body Linkers!!

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Beth Squires on November 4, 2007



Paula Radcliffe trained through her pregnancy to win the New York Marathon women’s race today.

The Guardian be hatin’ on actor-director hyphenated types.

ZEFRON WATCH!! Like Britney Watch, but you know, less stuff hanging out. Zefron using valet service here.

Place with the above, to compliment it’s aromas, HUDGE WATCH!! The squeaky teeny tiny is definitely on for HSM3.

The San Francisco Chronicle serves up a dish on Twin Peaksspanking new boxset edition. Ten discs of mind-bending detective fiction.

Salon knows that second is nowhere. Unfortunately, Oprah doesn’t believe you.

Aaron ‘West Wing’ Sorkin is going back to The Theatre. The New York Times discusses such a move with the man himself.

The Washington Post says Americans are a little down right now.

Check out The Independent’s list of the 101 greatest inventions. Notice one of them is not The Independent.

Just like us, The Observer freakin’ LOVED Hairspray in the West End!

Barack Obama checks into SNL. Probably not to cover ‘Dick In A Box’ though, huh? Time discusses.

Could Jeremy Kyle really not be the stand up guy he claims to be???? Shock. Horror.

I love that designer Roberto Cavalli went to a Halloween party as fellow designer Karl Lagerfeld