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Reads of the Week

Posted in Reads of the Week by Sam Unsted on August 13, 2011

A quick note. Apologies for the lack of posting still. A couple of things in the works at the moment so time has been difficult to find. I intend to get back onto a pretty good posting schedule again very, very soon.

  • Not really a very long read, but Chuck Klosterman manages to nail so much of why Louie is the best show on TV at the minute in his piece for Grantland. In other news, please ensure you follow Grantland as it’s probably my favourite new site of the year.
  • The original article, from New York Magazine, which coined the Brat Pack moniker for that group of actors in the 1980s. Quite illuminating, especially with the consistent arguing that it would be Sean Penn, never really though of as a Brat Pack member, who would transcend that generation.
  • A four-part study (Part One, Two, Three and Four) of the creation of the Unabomber, specifically as regards the role of Harvard in fostering personality traits which would eventually make him infamous.
  • Cameron Crowe’s 1973 article on The Allman Brothers, surely one of the inspirations that went into Almost Famous.
  • One of my absolute favourite writers, Alex Ross, moves away from his inspired classical music pieces to pen an absorbing essay about Oscar Wilde.
  • But the best of the week is the GQ oral history of the Dana Carvey Show, the swifty-cancelled mid-90s folly which comprised some amazing talent and has worn really well. At the time though, the outre sketches were far from at-home following Home Improvement on the Disney-owned ABC. Just to give a taster, the writing team alone included Dino Stamotopoulos, Robert Smigel and Louis CK, and this doesn’t go into the on-screen talent, which included the likes of Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. Watching it now, from the opening sketch (from CK’s mind) of Bill Clinton breast-feeding puppies, you struggle to believe this show was on primetime network TV. Watch the first episode here and marvel.

Sound of the Underlink

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 18, 2008

Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker discusses his favourite laptops.

The AV Club finds out what’s on Alex Ross’ iPod.

Criterion is releasing a bang-up new edition of The Ice Storm.

Radiohead is launching an online video competition.

New B-52s probably isn’t essential but who can resist Schneider? Stream the new record here.

Britney is mental. Even when she’s acting, she looks mental.

Anthony Minghella died today… Condolences to his family and friends.

Obama addresses the race issue.

Ariana Huffington talks about Clinton and financial transparency.

Will Smith is not a Scientologist.

With the whole recession and all, what exactly are mortgage-backed securities?

Hendrik Hertzberg comments on politicians and sex.

In praise of the Orange Book Prize…

Who will rescue the US economy?

What has Leslie Nielsen learned in his life I wonder?