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Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on May 25, 2008

Just a reminder for those who do enjoy the political linkage, check out the Slate Political Gabfest and KCRW’s Left, Right and Center podcasts. Both are excellent. For the British politics, try the BBC’s Weekly Political Review.


Gordon Brown is being put under pressure appoint a viable successor as deputy.

Allegedly, ‘Blair-ite’ left-wing figures are plotting and have approached someone to consider taking the job.

The leading candidate at the moment is Miliband.

What about Alan Johnson though?

John Rentoul says only Labour can really be blamed for this.

It should also be noted this week that our government rejected restrictions on IVF (which really pissed off The Daily Mail and therefore must be good) which would have discriminated against lesbian and gay couples seeking adoption and we voted to keep the current upper abortion limit at 24 weeks.


One must-read this week, George Packer’s excellent piece from The New Yorker on the fall of conservatism in America.

He’s been getting a few responses since publishing the essay.



Political Week

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on April 13, 2008

Zimbabwe is holding a partial recount.

But whose fault is situation?

Maureen Dowd notes that while Clinton contests the Penn debacle, she also has to watch out for the troubles at home.

Bill Maher thinks they should get al-Sadr to answer questions on the state of Iraq.

Ariana Huffington is concerned over the Clinton-Colombia connection.

All of a sudden, Hillary’s turned Commando.

And is Barack sacrificing his philosophy to gain some votes.

He’s also made something of a faux-pas with the working man.

Truthdig sees the Petraeus comment as the final indication of a quagmire.

John Dickerson is more concerned however with Crocker.

Hank Paulson isn’t too bright and breezy on the economy.

Is Gordon Brown on his way out already?

New polling puts the Tories 16 points up.

The Day in Politics

Posted in Links, Politics, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 31, 2008

David Cameron has backed Boris Johnson for the London Mayoral elections.

Wise perhaps, as Boris currently holds a ten-point lead.

Dave Hill says that the new Boris is indeed working.

The Huffington Post collects comments on John McCain’s biography tour.

Hillary’s little friend in Bosnia not too chuffed with her lies.

The NY Times says McCain is facing a challenge in snagging elite donors.

Barack’s lead over Hillary nationally is up to ten points. Is it time to go?

Bill Clinton thinks Democrats who think the party is being harmed should just ‘chill’.

Alphonso Jackson, the US Housing Secretary, has resigned from his post amid the slump in the housing market.

The argument is gaining weight as Barack gains more support from the party.

His moderate standpoint is being challenged though by his influence over liberal stance crafting he took part in.

Newsweek studies what kind of president McCain would make.

Fixing Bush’s mess. Slate examines what the new president will have to do.

The Democrats are at risk in Louisiana.

The Day in Politics

Posted in Links, Politics, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 27, 2008

Is using Elton John against the law for Hillary?

Clinton’s polls are falling to an all-time low on the back of this and the fibbing.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is looking like he will soon endorse Barack.

The GOP is hoping McCain can turn some opinions.

Dick Cheney, eh? You do often forget he’s the vice-president, don’t ya?

The American Prospect comments on the case of Robert Malley.

Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill discuss the dwindling anti-war movement amid its highest ever support levels.

Gordon Brown is very keen on a nice French relationship for the UK.

Tibetan monks interrupted a news briefing in Lhasa today.

Bill Clinton is playing some serious hardball, bitch!

John McCain and ethics.

Salon has a feature on the case of Briana Waters, an unfortunate target of unethical usage of post-9/11 counter-terrorism legislation.

The Godlinker: Part 2

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 13, 2008

The death count of US soldiers in Iraq is high and the people ain’t got a clue.

Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer. Similar gents I hear.

The ten best movies about swimming, according to Peter Bradshaw.

Jason Segel and Muppets!! Awesome!!!

The AV Club has an interview with the supremely underrated Parker Posey.

Ferraro has quit the Clinton campaign. Damn straight.

Pitchfork has a guest list from Mountain Goats.

The final Harry Potter movie is coming in two parts.

Incredible Hulk trailer. Okayish.

Did Hillary really win in Texas?

Sasha Frere-Jones gives good comment on American Idol.

Ed Norton is looking for a distributor for a documentary about Obama.

Meatloaf is coming back in the summer.

SNL is back in the limelight. The NY Times studies its bias.

The New Republic has a word on the recent spate of ‘faked’ memoirs.

America’s Next Top Model is facing a lawsuit over the destruction of its apartment by ze models.

A Spitzer set-up?

MMM…. Beer Link

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on January 27, 2008

Quotes all over about Barack’s storming victory last night. Slate has a good one.

Also, Bill Clinton is making no friends right now. Salon reports.

Louise Erdrich donates some fiction to The New Yorker.

Ashley Tisdale is filming a different movie? I am so out of the loop.

I know two people who like cat stories so there must be more. Enjoy.

Entertainment Weekly has a list of 21 great crime thrillers.

I honestly do not understand the Jessica Biel thing. She looks like a boxer. Anyway, this picture has been bloomin’ everywhere.

The Coens brought home the booty from the DGAs.

Chud has a review of Choke, the Palahniuk adaptation at Sundance.

In more Sundance news, Spout has the winners listed.

The Guardian has an article on Morgan Spurlock’s search for Osama.

Iowa shows the love to Barack and Mike

Posted in Politics, Sam by Sam Unsted on January 4, 2008

So Obama takes the early, crucial lead against Hillary in essentially the race deciding who will be president. All honesty, if a Republican gets voted in again after the reign of Bush, something is up. Importantly though is the make up of the total voting. CNN has the detailed breakdown but the key is who came second. I’m a great believer that second is indeed nowhere but this time, it mattered. For John Edwards leaped over Hillary (joke in there?) to take second seeding in the Caucus. Of course, both fell well behind Obama.

The Republicans have a weak field of candidates this year so the little to choose came down, for my money, to two almighty words, Chuck Norris. Huckabee taking the Caucus in Iowa would have been a long shot a month or two ago but then boom. He gets a visual endorsement from Walker Texas Ranger and all of a sudden, he’s leaving the rest trailing. When Mike is looking for a running mate, he need look no further.

But the important figure is still Barack, striking a major blow to the Clinton campaign which now turns it’s head cautiously to the New Hampshire primary. Loss there for Hillary, and it’s all but over. Anyway. A few links on the subject for you guys.

The Guardian reports on the Caucus results.

Lionel Barber discusses it in the FT.

John Dickerson explores the success of Obama on Slate.

Joe Klein also weighs in on Barack for Time.

Also for Time, Michael Scherer talks Huckabee.

And David Brooks offers his opinion and experience for The New York Times.

But finally, watch the speech and understand why Barack is celebrating.