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Links of the Week

Posted in Links of the Week by Sam Unsted on June 26, 2011
  • This is from a few weeks back, but to coincide with the second series of Louie, here is a profile of Louis CK from NY Mag. His show seems like its the culmination of the journey he has been on as a comedian in the past few years. The profile details the ins and outs of the ‘Louis CK deal’ he has with FX, by which he has complete, unfettered control over the show and gets no studio notes. On occasion, this means the show goes to places that may not be considered funny by some, but it really is a spectacularly brilliant, insightful, profound and, a substantial portion of the time, ballbustingly funny.
  • If you aren’t already visiting Listverse every day, start now. The following three lists are only a smattering of the brilliant work these guys produce every day, simultaneously fascinating and dryly funny. So, the three for this week, to whet your appetite, are: ‘Top 10 Movies Featuring Prostitution‘, ‘Another 10 Interesting Stories Behind Classical Compositions‘ and ‘Top 10 People Shrouded in Controversy‘.
  • Cool Tools has a list of the best magazine articles ever. This maybe should go in the reads of the week post, but it’s here, so live with it.
  • The trailer for David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method looks great. I’m normally repelled by Keira Knightley, but the twin powers of Fassbender and Mortensen have been interested enough already, but here, Knightley looks like the role might end up working for her.

Big Linkin’

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 3, 2008

Wild Things… a cult camp classic?

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters finally gets a lavish DVD release.

Catch up with your grime and dubstep.

Barack bumper stickers available in all states.

Sherlock Holmes with Baron Cohen and Ferrell? How many mysteries will get solved?

Win a walk-on role in Mad Men.

Jezebel: Having a gay husband is kind of queer.

The Muppets wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

David Fincher is to make a CGI version of The Goon.

JoBlo interviews Wackness-director Jonathan Levine.

Here’s an interview with Alex Soropian from Wideload Games.

Here’s EW’s 25 music classics of the past twenty-five years.

Val Kilmer and Xzibit to be in Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant.

The Fly as opera. No Goldblum unfortunately.

Everybody loves Dolly Parton.

Ian Curtis’ gravestone has gone missing.

Another negative book about Harvey Weinstein is apparently on the way.

Minus The Bear in session for Daytrotter here.

Lily will leave if her second album doesn’t live up to the hype.

Rock Band 2 in September.

Girlgroup killed in Photoshop accident…

Bryan McFadden is big in Australia.

Here’s a live review of The Hold Steady.

Oscar Predictions: Actor

Posted in Actors & Actresses, Awards, oscars, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 21, 2008

Actor Nominations: Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood), Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd), George Clooney (Michael Clayton), Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises), Tommy Lee Jones (In The Valley of Elah)

One horse race. I really cannot even envisage somebody beating out Daniel Day Lewis this year seeing as he gave the finest performance of his career. Subsequently, this places it among the top ten male performances of all time. True.
I suppose Clooney and Depp could manage to cause an upset but not only would I not hold my breath, I wouldn’t even close up my nostrils for second. Day Lewis will win, deserves to win and will not be defeated.
It should though be noted that I think both Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone, Josh Brolin in No Country For Old Men and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead deserve nods over Depp, Clooney and Mortensen. But there you go. Although, Mortensen should’ve got one for History of Violence. All’s fair, eh?

Who Will Win: Daniel Day Lewis

Who Should Win: Daniel Day Lewis

Dark Horse: Um… Clooney?

I Will Always Link You-ooo-oooh-oooh-a

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 15, 2007


Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum pays tribute to his favourite Joni Mitchell song.

Lucky woman Vanessa Paradis has a new album out, and she spends her life with Johnny Depp.  

The AV Club nominates the worst band names of the year while Keith Phipps holds up 1967 as the greatest cinematic year ever.

Reconfigure your Gaydar folks, you need to be looking for large big toes. (not a euphemism)

The OC’s Mischa Barton talks to The Times about her cameo role in new Brit film St Trinian’s.

Hugh MacLoed is allegedly Britain’s most successful Facebooker. However his personalised news has turned into a confusing babble. Maybe it’s not good to have too many friends on this social networking site, then?

US injustice first hand on Salon. Also a look at I Am Legend as perhaps the most meditative blockbuster ever.

JoBlo talks with Viggo Mortensen about Eastern Promises and David Cronenberg.

Entertainment Weekly holds up the twenty worst celebrity blogs.

Rolling Stone’s 100 songs of the year are here.

Stop Smiling has an interview with Isaac Brock.

A group of musicians Pitchfork knows list their favourite albums of the year.

High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale has a newly-sculpted nose ready for HSM3.

The first CD I was given was Stay Another Day by East 17 for Xmas along with my spangly upgrade-from-cassette-player CD hifi. To mark 13 years since that very Xmas, Maps has done a slightly spooky electronic cover, which you can download for free here from PopJustice.

Glorious! Britney has a new video out… this one’s for Piece Of Me.

HUDGE WATCH: It was Vanessa’s 19th Bday yesterday, and here’s how she spent her day!

Kim Deal talks about the new Breeders album! YAY!

Ahhh, the Beckhams take the kids ice skating in London’s Hyde Park.

Who and what does venomous columnist and Screen Burn presenter Charlie Brooker think should win awards at the close of this year?

Fast Ood Rockers have celebrated Kylie’s team up with Doctor Who with this song that’s taking the ‘net by storm.  Caitlin Moran charts the path that has led to the popstrel’s role in the hit BBC series, in this interesting in-depth article.

Let’s Talk About Sex – A treatise on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me

Posted in Sam, TV by Sam Unsted on September 29, 2007


Following the failure (commercially only I might add) of John From Cincinnati, HBO needs something of quality to fill the void before The Wire restarts. It’s latest proposition is Tell Me You Love Me which has been noted for its frank depiction of sex. The question is though, is the sex any good?

While Showtime is beginning to catch up in recent months, the quality of HBO drama still reigns supreme. More a trend happening upon it is a greater sense of ‘adultness’ in its make up. It’s dramas now seem to almost completely eschew the vicarious, masculine thrills of The Sopranos or the quirky posturing of Six Feet Under. John From Cincinnati, while utterly beguiling, showed how difficult this is for audiences to accept. That show gave a distinct impression that while HBO’s audience is willing to be challenged on the levels of violence and sex on show, they don’t really want to engage with metaphysical, religious allegory. The failure also of Carnivale on a commercial basis, as again there lay a show of rare aptitude, showed the wish for a slightly easier aesthetic to cling onto. The Sopranos, for all its astounding, Shakespearean brilliance, is rooted for much of its audience in the Scorsese-world of recognisable gangster figures. The iconography and basic events of the series gave it a thrilling quality that centred it further towards the mainstream.


In the Link of an Eye…

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on September 21, 2007



So a bumper edition today begins with a solid interview with David Cronenberg on his use of violence and his attitude towards its portrayal in American filmmaking, from The Washington Post.

The Independent has a profile of Valgeir Sigurdsson, producer to Bjork, on his lovely new solo record.

Slate discusses the controversial Kid Nation, likely to be simultaneously the best and most disturbing programme ever made.

Rudy Guiliani drags himself over to London and meets three prime ministers and a Tarantino, a story told by the New York Times.

Entertainment Weekly has a little sneaky peeky at the special Battlestar Galactica episode ‘Razor’.

Here’s some clips from the upcoming dramatisation of the amazing book Stuart: A Life Backwards on BBC 2.

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