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Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on May 25, 2008

Just a reminder for those who do enjoy the political linkage, check out the Slate Political Gabfest and KCRW’s Left, Right and Center podcasts. Both are excellent. For the British politics, try the BBC’s Weekly Political Review.


Gordon Brown is being put under pressure appoint a viable successor as deputy.

Allegedly, ‘Blair-ite’ left-wing figures are plotting and have approached someone to consider taking the job.

The leading candidate at the moment is Miliband.

What about Alan Johnson though?

John Rentoul says only Labour can really be blamed for this.

It should also be noted this week that our government rejected restrictions on IVF (which really pissed off The Daily Mail and therefore must be good) which would have discriminated against lesbian and gay couples seeking adoption and we voted to keep the current upper abortion limit at 24 weeks.


One must-read this week, George Packer’s excellent piece from The New Yorker on the fall of conservatism in America.

He’s been getting a few responses since publishing the essay.



Political Week

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on April 20, 2008

I’ve been somewhat weak on posting this week so I promise this will pick up in coming weeks. I’m currently trying to find someone to help me with the film site and I’m trying to get over a brewing cold which has, unfortunately enough, just decided to come into full fruition. Anyway, here’s some interesting political opinion and articles from the week.

Ariana Huffington argues that Hillary is doing McCain’s job for him.

Bill Maher thinks it really is time to divorce Iraq.

Climate change is a potentially key strategic point for Democrats.

Muqtada al-Sadr is threatening all-out war until liberation is achieved.

John Dickerson joined Obama on his Pennsylvania campaign.

Hillary has really pissed of liberal bloggers following her comments about MoveOn.org.

So as not to make her feel left out, Obama made a the ‘Bitter Cling’ mis-step. Kim Strassel comments for The Wall Street Journal and you should check out the KCRW Left, Right and Center podcast for Bob Scheer’s take on the situation. TalkLeft also has an interesting comparison of the comments alongside ones made by Clinton not too long ago.

The Washington Times discusses the problems facing the Republicans in winning their seats in the Senate.

What does McCain’s red-hot temper make him?

We’re coming into the final stretch for London’s mayoral candidates.

Simon Jenkins thinks it’s been a fantastic race and we should all have one.

The 10p tax is battering Brown.

John Rentoul thinks the PM is out of touch and out of control.

The situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating.

The MDC says the recount is fixed.

It is also claiming mass arrests are being made.

It says also that ten members of its party have been killed since the elections.

Finally, The New York Times today published findings on an investigation into the Pentagon appointed military experts and analysts to aid its selling of the invastion of Iraq. For yet more reason to utterly despise Donald Rumsfeld and his entire tenure in power, read here. It is an absolute must-read.