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Ryan O’Reilly

Posted in Music by Sam Unsted on October 6, 2008

A good friend of us here, and from way back, I thought a fine way to return to the fold would be by pimping London-based folker and beloved Irish son Ryan O’Reilly.

Heavily influenced by Dylan and Ryan Adams, his music has a fragility and sense of sad solace that strikes at chords many older than he are struggling to hit. He has a charming sense of time and place within the songs and manages to place the sadness within a such a beautiful setting that appreciation for the music will be enough to prevent the sadness from ever becoming overawing. Maybe a better comparison, especially on the newer stuff is a cross of John Martyn’s shimmering backgrounds and some of the yearning of Liam Frost, a very underrated artist from a couple of years back.

He’s playing a gig at the Borderline in central London on October 13 and you can check out his beautiful music right here.

If you’re even more interested, download:

Think About Me

What Has She Done