Electricity & Lust

New Blog and Changes

Posted in Sam by Sam Unsted on October 31, 2008

So, after months of consternation and thinking and procrastinating and other useless non-activities, its probably not too much of a surprise that Electricity and Lust is to change. It’s not ending, but it is drastically changing. The basic premise is thus: Electricity and Lust is to change into a housing facility for a new podcast that myself and my good friend and housemate Tommy will start doing in the near future. It’s not all decided as to what will occur with the podcast as yet, what it will focus on etc. At the moment, all that’s known is that Electricity and Lust will be where you will be able to get hold of it and enjoy. When it will start is also up in the air at the moment but that will come soon.

Until then, pop culture news will be put on the downlow. A new blog has been started, Politalking, which will focus on all sorts of political, current affairs, business, international issues and news and just all sorts of other bits, sometimes interspersed with some fascinating columns and comments on the world around us. It will take a slightly different focus than has been seen on here with, for the time being, a distinct lack of our aggregate posts and almost nothing on film, music, tv or any other pop culture bits. That will be rectified by the content of the upcoming podcast project however.

Anyway, please go over to Politalking and enjoy and we will see each other very soon to discuss the goings on of the day.


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