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We’re Linkin Free…

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Beth Squires on October 4, 2007


 Feel privileged! Here’s a special morning links roundup for you lovely people…

Valentino unveiled his final gorgeous ready-to-wear collection yesterday. Style.com has the details of his Spring/Summer ’08 look…

Holla! The Big Dog Tim Westwood turns 50 years old today…  Guardian Unlimited are here to help him blow out the candles.

Jason Donovan would be hurt if you walked away, so read an interview with him here… Too many broken hearts in the world…

The Daily Mail show complete thought and care describing Milla Jovovich’s pregnant look. Lovely. 

Oooh, and ladies – here’s some tips for us to be Queens of Clean – Hang on, is The Mail trying to sex up cleaning?!. (Shakes head and buries head in hands… what is the world coming to?!)

Invest in more UK kids TV shows damnit, or they’ll all start talking with American accents… (love TMi though…) 

Take a closer, comedic look at the long partnership of French & Saunders at The Times.

Slate dissects a new TV show based on an advertisment, Cavemen.

American History X director Tony Kaye has attempted to make a neutral documentary on abortion; Lake Of Fire, he’s talking about it with The AV Club.

Anna Pickard sorts through the new Jennifer Lopez video for Do It Well and attempts to find a storyline.


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