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DVDs This Week

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on June 30, 2008

Pick of the Week:

Mad Men: Season 1 – One of the very finest US import shows of the past few years, Mad Men stands as a beacon, as the final moment of American television greatness in the Sopranos/Wire-era. It concerns itself with Madison Avenue ad men in the early 1960s, hungover with the sexism and other societal issues that plagued the previous decade are beginning to fall. It’s about manhood being brought back and a host of other lofty explorations of archetype. Mostly though, it’s about great acting, beautiful writing and a perfect sense of place. Wonderful.

Also out:

Futurama: Beast with a Billion Backs – See the review on Screenjabber for more info but my take; Bender is too funny and overawes everyone else. Thankfully, he’s so funny that it’s still great.
Other Boleyn Girl – Haven’t seen it and don’t really want to. Portman and Johannson may be pretty but they never really deliver the goods when the part truly demands. Well, Portman sometimes.
The Bank Job – Again not seen but probably will as it has Jason Statham and our household has a truly unhealthy obsession with his craft.
Diary of the Dead – Tom’s verdict: Worst movie he’s seen this year.
Oz Season 5 – Still a brutal, bleak masterwork of American television, rarely bettered.
Taxi to the Dark Side – An oppressively bleak and angering work that’s absolutely essential viewing.
Be Kind Rewind – Very enjoyable little comedy with a slight loss of tone occasionally but a big beating heart at its core.
Picnic at Hanging Rock – Peter Weir’s lyrical, hypnotic cult classic.
Garage – Anne Marie Duff is in it so there’s a solid reason to watch. Maybe the most underrated actress in England.
L’Avventura – Antonioni’s masterpiece and the Sight & Sound reader’s second favourite film ever.
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit – A great book becomes a brilliantly acted piece of drama.


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  1. stapetiz said, on August 3, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Very nice!!

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