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Reads of the Week

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You’ve Lost That Linking Feeling

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Stephen Colbert

Oh, woe is me. ‘Tis raining and cold and dour, just as England should be I suppose. The only way I can cheer myself up is to provide you all with links to morsels of information and loveliness across this worldwide interweb.

The always wonderful AV Club provides a superb list of films too much for a second viewing.

The equally great PopMatters gives a treatise on the still underrated Ween.

Stylus aims its arrow towards the niche set and gives a guide to Balkan music.

The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw discusses Control and its depiction of disability.

The Times talks about Radiohead’s decision to test the honesty of its fans.

The New York Times shines a light on a leading, well, light in lesbian pop culture.

Stephen Colbert asserts his patriotism all over USA Today.

The creators of Lost have put up a new podcast. And here’s some bloopers, to remember what the cast look like.

If you type Wanker into Amazon.co.ukthis comes up. Couldn’t agree more.

Creed from The Office is interviewed here… I love this guy.

Beth’s off to see The Darjeeling Limited tomorrow night, and will let you know how it goes asap… in the meantime, here’s the trailer. It looks great.

Linking on a Sunday Afternooooooon

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Beth Squires on September 30, 2007

Billie Joe - David Clinch

The NY Times is discussing Chuck, a new Josh Schwartz series about a nerdy guy who gets mixed up in spy dramas… in a comedic way. Photos of The OC alum Rachel Bilson on set as a guest star are here at JustJared.

Robbie Williams has taken the cover of Observer Sport magazine as he’s far more interested in football than music these days. This is a really good article about his new life with his team LA Vale, which includes actor Santiago Cabrera (the tortured artist in Heroes).

Marc Jacobs’ muse and R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe is interviewed by The Times.

Andrew Gumbel discusses The Return Of The Western for The Independent, and why he believes this genre will never die out completely.

Screenjabber is loving new Australian comedy Kenny, check out their review here.

Danny Clinch’s moment-capturing rock photography is shown in all its glory over at AOL. (That’s his photo of Green Day’s Billie Joe at the head of this post.)

Rachel Cooke interviews comic thinker Louis Theroux at The Observer.

Linky and Perky

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New Kids…


Sam Beam discusses the use of his songs in other media with the AV Club and talks about his new record with The Austin Chronicle.

Slate throws a rare dissenting voice at the work of Wes Anderson.

LA Weekly sings the praises of the superb TV show Pushing Daisies.

Susan Faludi talks to the New York Times about the reassertion of traditional sex roles in a post-9/11 America.

Seinfeld is back and Time talks to him about moving into the kids market.

The Independent pays tribute to The Boss.

I think my life would be complete with this New Kids On The Block t-shirt


Guardian wardrobe dilemma: What do fashion editors wear at Fashion Week?


Check out this enchanting London-based band – The Heart Strings -they’re playing at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury&Islington on 24th October.


Download the Best Of PopCandy Podcast – Whitney’s a popculture whiz!

Stay Out Til Sunday…

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Here’s our entertaining and informative daily round-up of web happenings and curios…


First off, the eternal question; how do you pull a straight boy at a fashion party?

No longer the ‘idiot box’, TV is garnering a new respect – the New York Times discuss how we are what we watch, whilst film critic Mark Kermode gives in to the allure of television over at Guardian Unlimited.

Tom Hardy

Stuart: A Life Backwards (tonight, 9pm, BBC2) star Tom Hardy (above) discusses his life and career so far, and gorgeous British actress Emily Blunt talks to The Times.

Jealous of Prince’s backing dancers in their sassy London Fashion Week glory? Style‘s blog tells you how to get the look.

Don’t forget London Fashion Weekend’s shopping event is coming up this week.

Check out my A Mighty Heart film review at Screenjabber.

The Times discusses World music’s punk protest singer Manu Chao and, as all should, urges readers to invest in his wonderful work.